Living food

Living food

Sprouts and microgreens are nutrients of a great biochemical and nutritional interest. In the world of nutrition, it is not enough to have an interesting mineral, vitamin or macronutrient content. Its bioavailability and electromagnetic radiation are of paramount importance. Well, the ultimate goal of food is to integrate nutrients into our body and that is the key to bioavailability and that is where the greatest of the benefits of this amazing food lies.

It is a food of polyhedral structure which works great in all kinds of diets. Well, its structure is extremely simple and this makes it an easy-to-digest nutrition. FODMAP-free, rich in interesting phytochemicals, with non-abrasive fiber for the most delicate intestines, good feed for the intestinal microbiota and great as a supplement in diets for intestinal recovery, ketogenic, semi-fasting, vegan, raw vegan...

Another very interesting and often forgotten aspect is the radiovitality of food. We focus so much on calories, minerals, vitamins, fiber and macronutrients. that we forget to care for our electromagnetism. All bodies from the simplest cell to the most complex organism have a measurable radiance in angstroms, which is a unit that allows quantifying the wavelength emitted by the electromagnetism of all bodies. This places sprouts and microgreens in one of the highest vibrating foods that we can find and access. and turns them into the necessary and essential complement to our diet that in most cases is highly denatured and with little radio vitality. This is yet another compelling reason in favor of promoting the culture of sprouts in our lives.

Another factor that makes the products we offer in Germinamore very interesting is that they have a very positive impact on insulin resistance, one of the biggest problems and source of pathologies of our times. For that comes our Essene bread together with high quality and artisan spirulina, and our range of seeds so that you can produce your sprouts and microgreens at home. They make up the list of essential foods in your kitchen that will help you take care of the external and internal ecosystem adding the pleasure of eating well and feeling better.

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