Grow your own food

Grow your own food

"0- meter food"

Did you know that sprouting is very easy?

You only need water; seeds, a glass jar and love, and you can get your complete meal in your own place.
Growing your own food is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary and transformative acts we can do. In general, we live in a world disconnected from the food production centers and this entails a huge carbon footprint, loss of freshness, vitality and quality in our daily food. Learning to master sprouting techniques, functionality of the seeds, the use of sprouts... is an essential tool in every domestic and professional kitchen.

The concept of km 0 food is gaining ground from the most sophisticated restaurants to homes that know how to take care of the environment through their consumption habits.
As always we can improve; here comes this new concept of "metro 0"
That means being able to produce your food a meter away, in your kitchen, on your terrace or patio. This way you can grow your own vegetables that make the base of your salad such as sunflower sprouts and peas, sprouts that give you flavour, color and a special touch such as radish, red cabbage, broccoli or fenugreek, and also vegetables that allow you to cook with them, such as mung bean sprouts, which when properly grown generate smooth stems that you can incorporate into any culinary preparation as one more neutral vegetable.

Sprouts are becoming more and more popular and accessible. We can already find them even in supermarkets. Unfortunately the quality varies a lot from when they are conventional and packaged to when they are self-produced and organic. Just like when we grow our tomatoes and compare them with those in the supermarket. With the difference that to produce tomatoes we need a large infrastructure and in case of sprouts and microgreens, very little is enough.

That is why we launched this website where you can purchase everything you need to succeed in the production of your food at home. Here you can find a range of seeds that we have selected as essential. So we invite you to explore each one of them and try to produce them to experience their consumption. We assure you that you will not remain indifferent.

Once you master the basic techniques you will be able to experience the abundance of nature in your own home. The economic performance of sprouts and micro greens is amazing. From 1 kg of seeds you can get 25 kg of food!


  • sara says:

    I love seed and more seed and sprouts.

  • Carmen illera Muñoz says:

    Hola Javier, Hola Pau!!!
    Soy Carmen, mi marido Félix, los que hemos estado en Coin.
    Ayer lo pasamos Fenomenal, estoy apenas iniciándome en todo esto, el taller hizo diana.
    Hacia tiempo que quería hacer algo parecido.
    Tenedme informada del curso.

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