New mini sachets

New mini sachets

Our mission is for each home to know the germination technique and have a survival pantry with live and fresh self-produced food.

Until now we only offered large and extra large sizes of seed envelopes/bags as it is more profitable in the long run. But... we know that maybe you want to try but you still don't trust how easy it is and that you don't need to have a green thumb for it :)

So we have decided to make the experience easier for you by adding to our catalog small sachets of the simplest varieties of seeds to germinate and the most palatable for those who are just starting out in germination.

They are -of course- from GEO brand, the Italian brand of organic seeds that, after a long time of experience, we know that are the best for germination due to their quality, size and germination rate.

You now have available to buy:

Alfalfa - 40g

Daikon radish 30g

Clover 70g

Mungo 90g

Fenugreek 35g

You can also get them all together here.

We hope you feel encouraged to check out the simplicity and generosity of these superfoods!

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