Salad recipe “recover your intestine and enjoy the process”

Salad recipe “recover your intestine and enjoy the process”

Using pea and sunflower sprouts as a salad base has many advantages over the use of other more common leaves such as lettuce, spinach or lamb's lettuce.

The first advantage and one of the main ones is the softness of its fiber. Being such a young stage of life, it has an enormous simplicity in its tissue structure. This provides enormous digestibility compared to other vegetable leaves that have already generated more cellulose in their tissues and that can be abrasive in certain intestinal pathologies. Another of the most notable advantages is a nutritional balance. Well, despite being tender vegetables, their protein, in case of peas and sunflowers is of high biological value. In other words, they contain all the essential amino acids and that’s to say only about the salad base.
Later we will add an assortment of sprouts of culinary and functional interest such as alfalfa or clover sprouts followed by radish and fenugreek in equal parts.

A little bit of avocado and hydrated dried tomato to finish with. Drizzle with our fantastic spirulina in strands, nutritional yeast, extra virgin olive oil and a little tamari.
At this point you only need to accompany it with your Essene bread and you have a spectacularly rich salad, a nutritional bomb suitable for all audiences, low in carbohydrates, supportive to the beneficial microbiota and extremely anti-inflammatory.

In a few words, a salad that should be present in your life several times a week or even used in protocols for intestinal recovery or health in general.


• 120 g of sunflower sprouts

• 120g of pea sprouts

• 60 g of clover or alfalfa sprouts

• 30 g of radish sprouts

• 30 g of fenugreek sprouts

• 1 avocado

• 4 hydrated and chopped sundried tomatoes

• A little bit of spirulina in strands

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Tamari

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