There is no doubt or lack of consensus to grant the name of the king of kings in the kingdom of sprouts and microgreens to this wonder of seeds.

It has a very pleasant smooth texture and its flavor is a perfect combination between the flavor of the sunflower seed with its very lively essential oils and a slightly sweet touch provided by the chlorophyll of its cotyledon.

It is a versatile plant that allows you to consume it raw, providing its smooth flavor and texture as a complement to any preparation. You can equally cook it like any other vegetable. Also in dehydrated preparations it is sublime. Well, despite being a leafy vegetable, it has a high protein index. As an activated seed it can be dehydrated and used as crunchy and tasty complement in all kinds of crackers.
It is without a doubt one of the microgreens that you cannot miss. If you haven't tried it yet, hopefully this will give you the impetus to produce or achieve it. Well, a Tupperware of sunflower sprouts in your fridge is a divine gift.

Its production is quite simple. You only need a 1.5 liter sprouting jar, two germination trays, a bit of soil, water and a little loving attention.

GET TO WORK (5 steps)

1 Start by sprouting a cup of sunflower seeds in a 1.5L sprouting jar, the same way as all common non-mucilaginous seeds until a small white shoot appears at the tip of the sunflower seeds.

2 Cover the germination tray with soil, press it by applying pressure with the help of another tray and spread the seeds in a bed.

3 Water twice a day and keep an empty tray with some weight on top of the sprouting seeds. This will help them root properly and grow more upright and strong in the next phase.

4 When the plants start lifting the weight, remove the upper tray. Keep watering twice a day.

5 Harvest and store, rinse, drain, consume

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