The quality seeds matter!

The quality seeds matter!

There are really very few important issues to remember as it comes to sprouting. You are almost bound to be successful. However these very few things to remember can decide whether you exceed your wildest dreams or you fail all along.

I consider the quality of seeds the most important one of all. The difference is that drastic as that can make you eat every day the most delicious the crispiest salad ever, full of vitality and supreme taste or you end up with the jar full of rotten unsprouted stale seeds, which can be a very frustrating event.

How to make sure that your seeds are of a great quality:

  1. Buy only organic seeds

When you eat sprouts and microgreens you condense their qualities and imperfections 100 times compared with the grown up plants. So really whatever is there in your seed matters. If your seeds were treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers you may expect that you will be ingesting certain amount of these substances after the sprouting. This can have an adverse impact on your health.

  1. Buy only the seeds specifically meant for producing sprouts.

In the process of selecting the seeds specifically for the sprouting, the imperfect, stale, broken seeds are discarded. This gives you an extremely high yield and protects you from the failing in the process. Too many broken, imperfect seeds can turn your whole crop into a rotting disaster

  1. Use the seeds within their expiry date.

    If the seeds are very old it may affect their sprouting force. In such case all your love and care and best hopes can be not enough to make them sprout.

That is about all as far as the seeds are concerned.

Is there anything else that matters so that you can produce the juiciest, the most delicious baby plants in the world?

Get the good sprouter: for a very low cost you can get a sprouting jars that are plastic and other contaminants free, very durable and easy to maintain a very high standards of hygiene. Go for it and you will enjoy the very healthy sprouts bursting with energy. If you use the trays for the microgreens or the wheatgrass try to find the BPA free ones.

Whenever you can use the fresh, filtered water to soak-activate your seeds. The tap water will do to but the better the quality of the water you use, better the energy your sprouts will have apart from the freedom from the contaminants and the chlorine that contains the tap water.

Keep your sprouts away from the direct sun light and to humid and cold conditions: the conditions of the common house are perfect: not too humid not too cold. Almost every kitchen has the adequate conditions for sprouting.

Give your baby plants moments of loving intention. Use these short few minutes when you drain the water, rinse them to focus on joy of being around the life Little beings, lovely energetic plants will gather this positive information, grow stronger and healthier and share their powerful energy with you .

Enjoy and love the process: from growing to the delicious and crispy salad or amazing green drink on your table. Good luck!!

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