The unknown nutritional pyramid

The unknown nutritional pyramid

For almost 70 years, the Hippocrates Institute - built on the legacy of Ann Wigmore - has remained the world's leading wellness center for regaining health and longevity. Its directors, Brian and Anna Maria Clement, have driven change, championing life transformation through dietary re-education, comprehensive holistic therapies, and science-backed wellness treatments to empower, educate, and guide people toward optimal well-being. 

In their experience and studies, supported by thousands of people who have carried out programs and consultations with them and have “miraculously” recovered their vitality and health after having tried all types of treatments, the real nutritional pyramid for healthy human beings was clearly modified. by different interests in the food industry in the 80s.

According to them, in the nutritional pyramid focused on the health of all bodies, there should be no meat or dairy and you should maintain high digestibility in your food.

Its nutritional pyramid is based on 3 superior foods, which form the basis of what we know as LIFE on Planet Earth:

  • Blue and green algae: without them we would not be here. All life originally comes from them since they are the first living organisms on the planet and the first oxygen-creating beings. (Spirulina, Chlorella…)

  • Marine vegetables: other algae such as Wakame, Nori, Kombu, Dulse...

  • Sprouts and microgreens: pure life in its highest nutritional and digestive capacity.

Their pyramid also includes organic fruit and vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes in their different preparations, also sprouted to make pâtés, “hamburgers”, raw vegan pizzas…

And they are very aware that this diet contains all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and all the phytochemistry available, with emphasis on maintaining a diet that follows the most highly digestible forms possible.

In our own experience, this type of live nutrition generates truly relevant changes in health and vitality, helping to fully or partially recover from a multitude of pathologies. We have experienced it on our own skin and we consider that it is necessary to know and experience something so natural, simple and powerful.

And you, do you already germinate your own food?

From Germinamore we accompany you in the process :)

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