Tips for conservation of sprouts and microgreens.

Tips for conservation of sprouts and microgreens.

The micro greens and sprouts keep very well. This is a great point in their favor, since this way we can produce a great variety of sprouts and shoots at the same time. We simply need to prepare the technical setup for their conservation and harvest them as soon as they are at their optimum ripeness point.


The technical infrastructure itself is very simple. A larger, preferably glass Tupperware for sunflower/pea sprouts, another one for mung beans or wheatgrass sprouts is enough. and some smaller Tupperware for radish, fenugreek, clover, etc...


The ideal is to have containers of sprouts lined up in our refrigerator. so that they are accessible and ready to use in preparations from breakfast to dinner.


For domestic use, it is enough to give them last irrigation or rehydration and once drained, you pass it to the Tupperware and the refrigerator. In this way it will be in optimal conditions for consumption for up to 15 days.


For professional use or if we want to take extreme sanitary measures, we will deep our sprouts in water with bleach apt for human consumption (a solution of 1.5mm of bleach for every liter of water) for 5 minutes. Then rinse, spin and put in a Tupperware. This process will eliminate microorganisms that may have proliferated on the surface of sprouts. This will extend their shelf life and, above all, make them look fresher throughout the conservation time. Also this way you will guarantee that there are no microorganisms that could have contaminated the product during its cultivation period.


  • Silvia Butler says:

    Buenas tardes, felicitaros por la iniciativa y la página. Os propongo poner los beneficios de cada semilla que vendéis para germinar y lo que lleva el pan que vendéis. Por lo menos a mí me gustaría tener más información cuando le doy a la semilla que elijo.

    Enhorabuena por vuestro proyecto.

    Un gran abrazo

    • Javi Luque says:

      Hola Silvia! Gracias por tu comentario y por tu apoyo.
      Fíjate que cuando haces clic en una semilla, debajo aparecen los detalles técnicos de como emplearla y sus propiedades o funcionalidad.
      En el caso del pan esenio aparece incluso la receta y cómo efectuarla.
      Muchas gracias por tu valiosa aportación y un saludo!!

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