Why is the wheatgrass juice so amazing

Why is the wheatgrass juice so amazing

The 70percent of this juice consists of chlorophyll which is called the blood of plants. It is a very accurate name since the molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to the hemoglobin molecule in the human blood. Therefore drinking this amazing juice helps to build red blood cells that carry oxygen to every cell of our body and are absolutely essential for our optimal functioning. On top of it chlorophyll helps purify the blood and organs of toxins and heavy metals. That is why this nutrient is highly recommended in cases of anemia, recovery processes, chemotherapy and really for anyone who wants to keep his body functioning properly..

This is not even a major part of the benefits of this miraculous juice.

It replenishes the enzymes and therefore rejuvenates our bodies. It brings the most direct and most concentrated form of Sun’s energy straight into our cells. Only about 60 ml of this amazing drink equals nutritionally 2 and the quarter of kg of fresh organic vegetables and contains 103 different vitamins and minerals.

It is one of the richest natural sources of vitamins A, D, C, K and the B complex vitamins. It also contains laetrile, famous vit B17. It also contains beta-carotenes that act as a scavenger for the environmental toxins that can be harmful to our bodies.

Thanks to the extraordinally high content of chlorophyll wheatgrass juice detoxifies the liver and regulates the level of blood sugar. It is highly recommended for the skin problems, such as acne, eczema or psoriasis due to its cleansing and detoxifying effects. It enhances the heart function and the vascular system, reducing high blood pressure and strengthening capillaries helps the lungs and digestive system. Fantastic for easing off the constipation and keeping the bowels regular. It is amazing if you need to lose weight because it speeds up your metabolism.

All of these benefits come with only a tiny 60 ml shot of juice a day!

I personally love its power and the vitality and energy it gives me every day. Since I currently breastfeed, by drinking this juice I make sure that I get the most concentrated and the most absorbable nutrients possible and prevent anemia and malnutrition that can occur when one feeds the baby.

Growing your own wheatgrass is actually really easy. You just need a few sprouting trays, a little bit of space in your kitchen so that you can put or hang a compact set of shelves and you can start sprouting! You can grow your wheatgrass hydroponically-only with water, so you don’t have to bother with soil mess in your apartment! When your grass is ready you pass it through a juicer that is especially designed for the wheatgrass pressing and…you enjoy your tiny and powerful drink every day!

One of the videos that explains how to grow your wheatgrass hydroponically video in Spanish

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