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Germinamore was born from the vision of two families, who got together to bring to your homes the food that generates the minimum environmental impact with the maximum nutritional and health value: sprouts and microgreens.

Sprouts and microgreens has been used for thousands of years in different cultures. With the change of Era we must return to sovereignty and sustainability.of our ancestors. Sprouting at home is a conscious, consistent and revolutionary act with the lowest carbon footprint and maximum economic performance.

Just water the seeds and get the food dense in nutrients. To be able to sprout at home you need high quality seeds, water and a glass jar... it sounds futuristic but it's simple as love.

We want to promote and develop the consumption of sprouts and microgreens because it is the food with the least environmental impact and extremely high nutritional quality that yelds incredible health benefits. Our commitment is to provide you with everything you need to produce your own fresh sprouts with a fair price and top quality organic products.

Our main objective is to share and multiply this wonderful nutritional tool by making it available to everyone. We also provide you with technical tips so you can be successful in sprouting of all the seeds that we offer. We are Ania, Paola, Julián and Javi who will be at your service so that your experience with the sprouts is profitable. Many edible plant seeds can be germinated, but we have selected the ones with the greatest health benefits. You will be surprised by all the virtues that can be found in our range of seeds. Together with us you will learn how to get the most out of it, various forms of consumption and much more.

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