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This grain is very little known in Spain despite being originally from the western Mediterranean area. It is a seed with extraordinary medicinal properties. It is another essential in our pantry and in our regular consumption.

At the flavor level, it is not neutral and it is not the most pleasant of the sprouts either, as it has a slight bitter touch. Its seed itself is very aromatic and used as a condiment in Moroccan, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. Its aroma, in fact, is a reminiscent of the set of spices that in the West we recognize as curry. In fact, in Egypt it was used as an endogenous perfume, since its consumption aromatizes body sweat and gives a pleasant smell of curry.

Its most interesting property is its anabolic quality, that is, its ability to increase the integration of nutrients, especially proteins. That makes it an essential nutritional tool and a star ally in our nutrition intake.

At a nutritional and functional level it has a high content of vitamins A, B, C, D, proteins, soluble fiber, potassium, iron and some interesting alkaloids.

Its anabolic quality makes it an excellent food for people who are recovering from anemia or are suffering from it. And obviously in post-operative processes, chemotherapy and all processes that need to regenerate tissues efficiently.

Recent studies prove its regulatory power of blood sugar levels. Sprouted fenugreek consumed regularly helps stabilize pancreatic secretions by stimulating insulin production. A marked improvement in insulin resistance has been shown in patients with type 2 diabetes after 24 weeks of regular use. (source: www.encognitive.com/node/14856).

By reducing insulin resistance, it becomes a great tool to combat subclinical inflammation and therefore a great ally in cases of autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases and edema.

It is considered a galactogenic food, that is, a stimulant in the production of breast milk. For this reason, it becomes a great ally for nursing mothers.

For all these reasons, we can affirm that fenugreek sprouts are the king of nutrition from pregnancy to old age and a great fighter of free radicals.

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