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The mung bean is one of the star seeds of the initiation to the world of sprouts along with alfalfa. It is a bean native to India whose genetic structure has been little modified. Due to high digestibility it has been used for consumption since ancient times.

Its sprouts are well-known thanks to Asian cuisine, as we find them in countless dishes of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean cuisine.

In its sprouted form it has a high protein content (33%) that is easy to assimilate. In addition to its raw consumption, we can use it as a neutral vegetable and add it to stews, sautés, woks. Growing it  at home from organic seeds guarantees the lowest carbon footprint. It is also easy to store in our pantry.

In its transformation from legume to vegetable through the germination process, we eliminate any possible indigestibility as it becomes a neutral vegetable and ceases to be a product high in carbohydrates.

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