Spirulina - Strands

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Together with sprouts it is a very special nutrient with prospects to become food of the future.

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There are already many people who know the properties of these misnamed freshwater algae. However, few people realize that spirulina is actually pleasant in taste. This is due to the fact that most of the spirulina we find on the market is produced and processed in conditions that distort the organoleptic qualities of this product. If you still do not know spirulina that is so pleasant to consume that you can eat it alone as a snack, do not hesitate to try this one that we offer from Germinamore.

It is not really an alga but a cyanobacteria. This is the first step that bacteria took towards the plant world. That is, it is a bacterium with the ability to photosynthesize. Therefore it is a huge source of chlorophyll among other magnificent properties.

In its growth, conditions such as high temperature, light, water of extraordinary alkalinity and a good supply of nitrogen are needed. Our spirulina comes from a small farm grower in Coín (Malaga). It’s looked after with great care from the origin to the dehydration that is carried out at 35º. This guarantees quality and generates an exceptional product with a mild and pleasant flavor.

At a nutritional level, its amount of protein (up to 65% of its weight) of high biological value is very remarkable, since it provides all the essential amino acids, a high content of chlorophyll, minerals (iron, zinc and selenium), vitamins (A , B, D and E), interesting phytonutrients that strengthen hemoglobin and stimulate the production of white blood cells (generating a greater immune response) and help reduce blood sugar and fat levels.

Its consumption has numerous proven properties:

-Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

-Decreases triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels

-Anticancer properties

-Reduces blood pressure

-Improves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis

-Effective against anemia

-Regulator of blood sugar

-Helps in skin rejuvenation, improving skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne

-Increases the immune response

-Relieves symptoms of premenstrual "syndrome"

-Combats severe malnutrition

It should not be consumed by the people suffering from phenyloketonuria.

Since it has an immune enhancing properties it should be taken with caution in case of autoinmune disorders.

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Nidhan Hari 03/13/2024

Me ha enamorado esta espirulina!

Crujiente y riquísima con todo lo que la pruebes, dulce, salado, frío, caliente... me ha sorprendido mucho!!

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